Jim Warren 

Biography of Jim Warren

Jim Warren has been in the recruiting profession over eighteen years, specializing in the banking industry.

Previously because of his extensive knowledge and success in this area, he headed up the entire Banking Division for Kane and Associates.

Jim’s process driven strategy and desire to bring the highest quality service to his customers through cultivating genuine and caring relationships led him to be the top performer at Kane and Associates. Jim’s commitment to his clients and candidates has landed him one of the largest databases of bankers in the market making him the “go to” guy in this industry. Because of Jim’s innate ability to listen to the needs of his client’s and candidates, Jim is able to match the banking industry’s top talent with the exact needs of the organization.

Both Jim’s personal and professional life reflect his strong values of caring, giving back, and appreciating life to the fullest. Jim serves his community through his involvement with his church. He also takes care of himself through his regimented workout program. Jim treats his community and his customers as friends, and therefore, extends his sincere and thoughtful attitude wherever he goes.

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